GTA 6 trailer creates hype for 34-year-old song overnight

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The gamer community waited a long time for the new GTA. Now the trailer for the game came out – and brought back a 34-year-old song.

Munich – As luck would have it, Tom Petty of all people also had a song called “The Waiting”, which said: “The waiting is the hardest part”. Because many gamers have been waiting for a game for a very long time, the time will soon come: GTA 6 is coming out. The next part of the popular “Grand Theft Auto” series. And Tom Petty also plays a small supporting role. Not with the song “The Waiting” from 1981, but with “Love Is A Long Road” from 1989.

GTA 6 and a 34-year-old song by Tom Petty: a combination that fans of the video game like

Why does a song by the music luminary, who died in 2017, play a role in the brand new game GTA 6? On December 4th, Rockstar Games released the first trailer for the game. And within 20 hours it was viewed by over 80 million people on the YouTube platform. There are more than 677,000 comments on the 1:30 minute clip.

One fan appropriately wrote under the video: “We have waited ten years for this moment and now it has finally come.” He probably hit a nerve with that. Over 700,000 YouTube users gave the sentence a thumbs up. This time the game is based on the fictional Florida. The beach promenade and city are reminiscent of Miami, the Everglades are passed through. All accompanied by Tom Petty’s: “Love Is A Long Road” from the album “Full Moon Fever”. The mega hits “Free Fallin” and “I Won’t Back Down” come from the same album.

“What an incredible artist he was”: GTA 6 fans are rediscovering Tom Petty

All kinds of comments piled up on Tom Petty’s YouTube page after the release of GTA 6. “I’m so glad that Tom Petty is getting the recognition he deserves even after his death. What an incredible artist he was,” wrote one user shortly after the trailer was released. Video games can also influence pieces of music: “What an excellent song. Rockstar always delivers the right song. Luckily the song is getting the attention it deserves.” And one adds: “Rest in Peace Tom Petty. Now we can finally say that the song is timeless.” “Love Is A Long Road” is also recommended among the top 5 hits on the artist’s Spotify page. Tom Petty was only 66 years old, but his music lives forever.

GTA 6 features the old song by Tom Petty: “Love Is A Long Road”. © IMAGO / BRIGANI-ART / IMAGO / Bestimage

However, Rockstar Games has bitter news for PC gamers and PlayStation4 owners, for example: the game will initially only be available on the latest consoles. (ank)

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