“Green ISF”, Cannes Film Festival, RN … Macron’s shock reframing in the Council of Ministers

Emanuel Macron. YOAN VALAT/AFP

INFO LE FIGARO – From Justine Triet to Élisabeth Borne, via Jean Pisani-Ferry, the President of the Republic has settled his accounts with different personalities on the various subjects of the moment.

The table of the Council of Ministers will eventually let go. Because every week, or almost, Emmanuel Macron takes particular care to “punches”, according to the established expression. Tuesday morning’s weekly meeting was no exception to what has become a rule over the years. According to several participants, the President of the Republic took advantage of this cenacle to settle accounts with different personalities, on the various subjects of the moment. Thus its Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne, who saw fit to target the National Rally this weekend in the field of values. A party “heir of Pétain” and carrying, according to her, a dangerous ideology ».

“The fight against the far right no longer involves moral arguments. You will not be able to make millions of French people who voted for the far right believe that they are fascists”,curtly reframed the head of state, without however naming the head of government, seated opposite him. “He said…

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