Greece: train accident with more than 30 dead – eyewitnesses report (video)

See the video: Serious train accident with more than 30 dead in Greece – eyewitnesses report.

STORY: Dozens of people died in a serious train accident in Greece. According to the fire department, the death toll rose to over 30 and at least 85 people were injured. Two trains collided on the same track late Tuesday evening. Rescued passengers were taken to Thessaloniki in buses. Still visibly in shock, they reported on the disaster: “We heard a big bang and ten nightmarish seconds followed. We turned in the wagon until it fell on its side. Then there was panic. There were cables and fire everywhere. The fire came immediately. Everything was burning. The flames were on the right and left.” “We fell down. There was a fire next to us. This man saw a hole. And then we managed to get out. Right where we were.” According to the authorities, a passenger train from Athens collided with a freight train on the way to Thessaloniki in the north of the country near Larissa in the center. The first four carriages of the passenger train derailed. The two cars at the front caught fire and were almost completely destroyed. Many passengers were burned and transported to hospitals. Around 250 passengers were brought to safety. How it came to the worst train accident in decades in Greece is initially unclear.

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