Greece is “probably” experiencing the longest heat wave in its history

It is hot, very hot in Greece. The heat wave currently raging in the country is indeed “probably” the longest ever recorded in its history, Kostas Lagouvardos, research director of the National Meteorological Observatory, said on ERT television on Saturday.

“According to our data, we are likely to experience a 16-17 day heat wave, which has never happened before in our country,” the researcher said. In Greece, all the archaeological sites including the famous Acropolis of Athens will continue to keep their doors closed during the hottest hours until Sunday.

“We need absolute vigilance (…) because the difficult times have not passed,” Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis warned on Thursday. “We are facing a new heat wave” and “a possible strengthening of the winds” which have already been fanning several fires around the capital since Monday, he added. Temperatures of up to 45°C are expected for Saturday in central Greece.

“The heat waves follow one another”

According to the National Observatory of Athens, the absolute record in the capital was recorded in June 2007, with 44.8°C. Nationally, it was established in July 1977 with 48°C in Elefsina, near Athens.

“I am used to high temperatures. We have them every summer but what is difficult this year is that the heat waves follow one another, ”acknowledged Christos Boyiatzis, who shines the shoes of businessmen in the chic Kolonaki district.

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