Göttingen: On weekends, topless swimming is allowed in the outdoor pool

New regulation
A bit more equality: In Göttingen, topless swimming is allowed

In the swimming pools in Göttingen there is a new regulation on weekends (symbol photo)

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In Göttingen, a woman was expelled from the swimming pool because she was not wearing a top. That sparked a debate. Now there is a new regulation that gives women more freedom.

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Splashing around in the swimming pool with bare breasts – this has been a topic of discussion in Göttingen for months. Since Tuesday (April 26th) there has been an official political decision: In the future, everyone in the city will be allowed to swim topless, but only on weekends. This has been confirmed by the Equal Opportunities Office of the City of Göttingen.

Swimming pool in Göttingen: woman is banned from the house

The hot topic came up last August. A woman is said to have swum with bare breasts in the Göttingen bathing paradise Eiswiese – much to the annoyance of the lifeguards. She was kicked out and banned from the house. According to the bathing regulations, bare breasts are not allowed.

The incident then brought the “Equal Breasts for All” alliance and the Göttingen Women’s Forum onto the scene.

“Same Breast for All”

The Göttingen women’s forum called for a free choice of swimwear as long as the primary genitals were covered. The application to the city states: “The female breast is not biologically sexualized per se.” Prescribing a covering is unequal treatment and discrimination.

But apparently that went a bit too far for politics. So now the compromise: free choice of swimwear, but only on Saturday and Sunday. According to the “Göttinger Tageblatt”, the weekend regulation is now to be tested from May 1st to August 31st – in the Eiswiese bathing paradise and also in the three outdoor pools in the city. The “Alliance for the same breasts” wants to stay on the ball until equality has been fully implemented.

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