“GNTM” model in Mats Hummels’ bedroom – now Cathy reacts

Did footballer Mats Hummels meet “GNTM” winner Celine Bethmann for dinner?Image: dpa / Andreas Gora

04/15/2022, 11:45 am04/15/2022, 11:46 am

The rumor mill is churning again! Last August, the “Bild” newspaper reported an alleged separation between Cathy and Mats Hummels. There was also talk of divorce – the newspaper wanted to know that from football circles.

That Cathy and Mats are no longer together isn’t the only speculation that has been floating around about the couple. There have also been rumors of love about Mats lately. According to RTL, the kicker is said to have dated a regional league table tennis player last year. However, Mats left these assumptions uncommented. Then, in mid-October, he was spotted with a dark-haired woman by his side during a trip to Copenhagen. The kicker did not comment on this either.

After that, the rumors died down because suddenly Cathy posted more photos on Instagram, which she shows together with her husband and their son Ludwig. The pictures conveyed family happiness. But now there is again speculation about Mats Hummels’ private life. The trigger: a suspicious Insta story from another celebrity lady…

Did Celine Bethmann and Mats Hummels meet for dinner?

The suspicious Insta story comes from model Celine Bethmann. The 23-year-old won the 12th season of “Germany’s next top model” in 2017. Last night she published a photo on the image and video platform showing two plates of food. So far, so harmless – however, Céline Mats Hummels linked in her story and wrote framed by star emojis:

"GNTM"-Model linked footballer Mats Hummels in her Insta story.

“GNTM” model linked footballer Mats Hummels in her Insta story.screenshot instagram.com/celinebethmann

However, the story does not reveal whether Mats was actually sitting at a table with the model or whether Céline mentioned the 33-year-old for another reason. Maybe it was a friendly meeting.

Are there any other clues?

What is certain, however, is that Céline was in North Rhine-Westphalia this week to take part in an event in Düsseldorf. The following detail is suspicious: The ex-“GNTM” winner probably did not stay in the state capital, but in Dortmund – this is evident from her place name for her most recent Insta-Post. And as is well known, Mats kicks for the Borussia Dortmund football club.

And one more thing is suspicious about it. In one of the latest pictures that Céline from Dortmund posted, you can see the headboard of her bed. If you look at a post by Mats Hummels from the beginning of March, on which the professional soccer player photographed himself during his domestic isolation, you can also see the headboard of his bed – and this one looks pretty much like the header from Celine’s social media post.

Celine has been single for several years. Just last September, she revealed to “celebrity flash“: “I’ve been single for the past two or three years’cause I don’t have time for one relationship had and my private life.” However, she was ready for something new, she emphasized.

But is Céline’s single status still up to date? In another sequence of her Insta-Story, she uploaded a Tiktok video in which she replied when asked if she was dating anyone. To do this, she played the following audio in English, to which she moved her lips in sync: “Yeah, at least I think so. I mean, it feels like it.” Here, too, one must of course say that it is also a fun could act.

Is Celine revealing here that she is dating a man?

Is Celine revealing here that she is dating a man?screenshot instagram.com/celinebethmann

“Dinner Date” with “GNTM” model: Cathy Hummels reacts

And where is Cathy Hummels? She is currently doing in South Tyrol Vacation – among others, her son Ludwig is part of the tour group. Mats didn’t travel because he has to play football for Borussia Dortmund. It is currently running Bundesliga still.

But Cathy did not miss the Insta story from the ex-“GNTM” candidate, as her latest post on the social media platform shows. Alongside a photo of her looking seductively at the camera in a green two-piece, she wrote:

“Tonight I have a dinner date with Ludwig. It’s not meat and potatoes, but a vegan lasagna a la Mama.”

A definite nod to the food Celine and Mats enjoyed during their “dinner date”. Cathy also made it clear with her hashtags what she is alluding to. Among other things, she wrote under her post: “Germany’s next top mom.”

So far, Cathy has not commented so clearly on the rumors about her husband. In general, neither she nor Mats have spoken publicly about the reports of their alleged separation.

In this context, the 34-year-old made at most cryptic statements. Last late summer, for example, on the occasion of Ludwig’s first day in kindergarten, she wrote on Instagram: “We always stick together for you, because you are more important than anything else.” And in one interview With RTL she said: “I always say: All is well for us and we will always be one family be and stay – no matter how.” In the end, only Cathy and Mats themselves know what that means.


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