GNTM 2024: Heidi Klum throws out 14 models in a row

GNTM 2024
Pants breakdown and broken dreams – Heidi Klum throws out 14 models

GNTM 2024: Lucas masters his walk perfectly in his bathrobe, but his pants tear on stage at the fashion show

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The GNTM candidates are supposed to prove their talent on the catwalk at a fashion show. But something goes wrong. Heidi Klum takes action and sends more than a dozen models home.

  • GNTM 2024, episode 3
  • There are still 54 candidates

GNTM 2024: What happened?

At the casting in Berlin, Heidi Klum selected over 50 candidates for the 19th. GNTM season selected. Too many, as she had already announced the previous week. In order to reduce the field of applicants, the 24 women and 30 men have to take on another task. Wearing only a black bathrobe, they pace up and down in front of Klum and guest juror Jean Paul Gaultier. The designer is enthusiastic about how creatively the participants transform the piece of terry cloth into items of clothing. For seven young models, it’s over straight away: Klum sends them home.

The others get to show off their talent at a fashion show. The outfits are provided by Berlin designer Jasmin Erbas. But even before the show begins, there are some problems backstage. Candidate Fabienne steps on her competitor Mare’s dress. The hem is torn and needs to be cut off. Candidate Nuri is desperate because she has to try on six dresses until one fits her. “The feeling of not being right just came back again. Especially when you compare yourself to others,” says the trans woman.

Among those sitting in the hall are designer Marina Hoermanseder and her colleague Kilian Kerner. The candidates have to prove themselves on the catwalk in front of the professional audience. But not everyone masters the task. The high heels cause problems for several women. Klum had preached in the last episode: “This is our craft. We have to be able to walk in high heels.”

Excitement of the week

There are a few mishaps at the fashion show. Several candidates get their heels caught in the hem of their dresses and stumble on the catwalk. From shoes that are too big to trains that are too long to tight outfits, everything is there. Candidate Djoss loses her bearings and walks up and down the catwalk several times. 24-year-old Jana is hit hardest: she can’t stand on her high heels and falls at the end of the catwalk. Candidate Lucas is also out of luck: his outfit tears extensively on his bottom and leg. However, the 24-year-old doesn’t show any signs of it and keeps running.

The guest judge

Star designer Jean Paul Gaultier evaluates the candidates together with Heidi Klum. The 71-year-old is particularly enthusiastic about the men who are allowed to take part in GNTM this season. The Frenchman believes that the competition is now balanced. Gaultier also emphasizes that he is always looking for exceptional people. “I love seeing the difference between people. If you only see repetitions, it’s like clones. I don’t like clones, I like something special,” he says. He was already a guest judge on GNTM in 2017 and discovered candidate Viola Beck, whom he hired as a model for his perfume campaign. Will he find what he is looking for again in the 19th season?

Who has to go?

After seven candidates had to leave before the fashion show, Heidi Klum sent seven more home after the presentation. The initial 54 models now become 40: 20 women and 20 men. In the coming episode you will be able to complete the first photo shoot, which takes place in Tenerife.

Klum saying of the week

“It breaks my heart, but unfortunately the journey is already over. I’m very sorry.” (Heidi Klum to flight attendant Niklas, whom she had cast as the first candidate)

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