GNTM 2024 Episode 15: Nude shooting pushes the models to their limits

Suddenly the underwear flies away: Nude shooting pushes the models to their limits

GNTM 2024: Candidate Linus during the nude shoot

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Clothes off, let’s go: Heidi Klum asks her GNTM models to do a nude photo shoot. It doesn’t go without mistakes and tears. In the end, one candidate has to leave.

  • GNTM 2024, episode 15
  • There are still five female candidates and seven male candidates

GNTM 2024: What happened?

The candidates can secure various jobs at three further castings. Grace, Xenia and Kadidja introduce themselves to the Ardell label, which specialises in artificial eyelashes. A model is needed for a major TV and photo campaign. In the end, Xenia wins the race. She is invited to another casting alongside Grace and Kadidja as well as Frieder, Armin and Linus. Those responsible for the Italian beauty brand Borotalco are looking for a female and a male model for an advertising shoot. The job goes to Kadidja and Frieder, who will be photographed for the campaign in Sicily. Five male models are awaiting another job: Armin, Jermaine, Luka, Julian and Marvin are starring in the music video of the Austrian singer and ESC participant Kaleen. The result is not all that surprising, however: the official video was released at the beginning of March. It had been known for some time that the GNTM talents would be involved.

After the castings, the real challenge awaits: a nude photo shoot. The candidates pose in front of the camera of star photographer Rankin in a huge pool. Wind and rain machines are supposed to provide additional action. The models are only scantily clad: they wear skin-colored adhesive underwear and a transparent raincoat. “I hope the underwear stays stuck with all the water,” says Heidi Klum. In fact, there is room for improvement. Candidate Linus has to step in front of the camera first. He jumps and hops around wildly – and suddenly has his underwear in his hand. “My thing is gone,” says the 25-year-old. Klum can only utter an “Oh God,” covers her eyes and quickly sends Linus to the backstage area. The other candidates are spared such a mishap.

Excitement of the week

The word A nude photo shoot is enough to send several candidates into a panic. “In Arab culture, nudity is a taboo subject,” says Grace, who was born in Syria. Marvin is horrified when he inspects the skimpy adhesive underpants. “I don’t want my family and friends to see me like that on TV. It’s an uncomfortable feeling because it’s very intimate. You reveal a lot about yourself that you wouldn’t otherwise reveal.” Xenia clarifies: “For some people it’s hard to be underwater, for some it’s hard to go up high and for me it’s hard to be naked.” Kadidja even bursts into tears because she’s afraid of her family’s reaction. “They see it critically. I can understand that. I’m their little baby and then I show a side of myself on TV that nobody knows,” says the 21-year-old. She draws some hope from the presence of Heidi Klum. “It’s easier for me to know that Heidi is there too. Because she’s also a woman and she has daughters. That definitely gives me security. When my mom isn’t there, Heidi is like a mother to me.”

The guest judge

A GNTM season without Rankin is possible, but pointless. The Brit has been appearing on the show as a photographer or guest judge for many years. He is known for his high standards and direct comments. Anyone who hears him say: “You’re not a model” can actually pack their bags right away. During the nude shoot, it’s Kadidja who gets it. “She doesn’t have it,” says Rankin. Heidi Klum also thinks: “She looks sad and cold.” The 21-year-old is unable to hide her insecurity about the lack of clothing. Grace is also unable to convince the photographer. He is enthusiastic about Lea (“She’s a model”), Xenia (“I really liked it”) and Fabienne (“She’s incredible”). The male models also score points with Rankin, especially Jermaine, Armin, Frieder, Julian and Luka. Heidi Klum admits: “I’ve become a huge fan of the twins. They are so ambitious and carry out the tasks really well.”

Who has to go?

Due to a storm, the decision is moved from the outside to the backstage area and is made in a rush. While Klum and Rankin give their verdict, all candidates are present and are not called before the jury one after the other as is usual. This means that everyone can hear the duo’s sometimes harsh words. Marvin and Kadidja have to worry about progressing due to their poor performance at the photo shoot. “I’ve always thought a lot of you, but today I was disappointed,” says Rankin to Marvin. The 23-year-old did not show off his body. “You are a good-looking man, but today you just didn’t deliver.” Klum criticizes a lack of energy and fear of nudity. Rankin also speaks of disappointment in Kadidja’s case. “I was convinced that you had model potential. But today you didn’t understand what I wanted from you and that’s what this job is about,” says the photographer. In the end, Heidi Klum decides to give Kadidja another chance and sends Marvin home. The 23-year-old is visibly disappointed, but takes his dismissal in his stride. “I may have lost the chance to win, but I will definitely not give up. This is just the beginning,” says Marvin as he says goodbye.

Klum quote of the week

“I love it when I’m right.” (Heidi Klum to photographer Rankin)

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