GNTM 2022 with Heidi Klum: These are the candidates of the 17th season

From February 3rd Heidi Klum is looking for “Germany’s next top model” again. Then the 17th season of the casting format starts on ProSieben. This year, the candidates will focus even more on diversity – in terms of height, weight and age. For the first time, three women over 50 take part in the show. Martina from Klosterneuburg in Austria applied together with her 18-year-old daughter Lou-Anne. This has never happened before. The two oldest participants are 66-year-old Lieselotte from Berlin and 68-year-old Barbara from Flensburg.

“I’m ready for change and I hope the fashion world is too. Everyone always has a huge mouth. We’re a reality show, the jobs we give are real. With so many different customers, we will see how big the demand for various models really is in the end, “said Klum of the magazine” Gala “.

GNTM 2022: Many well-known designers have dropped out

The 48-year-old also revealed that not everyone was enthusiastic about the new concept and that some well-known fashion designers had therefore canceled their participation in the show. “This year we had problems getting designers for our show. Many jumped out when we gave the girls’ measurements. Allegedly everyone wants diversity, but really not,” said Klum.

Filming for the new GNTM season began in Athens and on the Greek island of Mykonos. Another stop is Los Angeles, where Heidi Klum has lived for many years. Her eldest daughter Leni is also supposed to stop by the set again. “My daughter is working an awful lot right now and also attending school. She’s now in her senior year of high school before going to college. Let’s see, maybe it’ll work and she’ll come over for an episode “said Klum about the 17-year-old.


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