GNTM 2022: This is what the candidates look like after the makeover

It is the episode that is eagerly awaited for every GNTM season: the big makeover. This year, only eight of the 21 candidates got a new look. Heidi Klum promised: “This year we will create looks that ‘Germany’s Next Top Model’ has never seen before. It will be radical, unconventional and colourful.” The 20-year-old Vanessa felt this in particular. Instead of long brunette hair, she now wears a short bob. Immediately after the makeover, her hair shone green, now it’s more of a washed-out turquoise.

GNTM 2022: Heidi Klum is angry with candidate Jasmin

There was drama about candidate Jasmine’s hairstyle. Heidi Klum wanted to turn her into the German Naomi Campbell and had a real hair wig extended to her bottom. Clearly too long for Jasmine, which is why she asked a stylist behind Klum’s back to trim the ends. When Klum found out about it, she was beside herself. “I was shocked. I deliberately had the wig lengthened and suddenly the hair is almost 30 centimeters shorter. Your wig cost 7,000 euros. It’s real hair. Do you know how long this person let this hair grow? that they are so long? I find that extremely disrespectful,” complained the 48-year-old. In the end, Jasmin was one of the candidates who had to leave the show. “It has nothing to do with her hair, although, to put it in German, I think it sucks,” said Klum.


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