GNTM 2022, Episode 8: That happened and these candidates have to go

GNTM 2022
Aliens and toilet paper on your head

GNTM 2022: The candidates Luca, Anita and Paulina (from left to right)

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Sandstorm, toilet paper on your head and a flying saucer around your waist: the GNTM candidates faced several strange challenges this week.

  • GNTM 2022, Episode 8
  • 17 candidates

What happened?

During a video shoot, the candidates should demonstrate their acting talent and spontaneity. However, the products they have to advertise are extremely curious: a pillow with a hood that is tied around the head, a kind of braces that are supposed to make you smile and a holder with toilet paper that is like a hat on the head head is placed. Most participants are at a loss as to how to create a convincing commercial in 45 seconds without completely embarrassing themselves. Director Mario Schmolka is enthusiastic about Lieselotte. “A really great woman. She implemented the instructions in a flash. I think she would be ideal for advertising.”

excitement of the week

During interview training with Sat.1 moderator Claudia von Brauchitsch, the candidates sometimes talk about their heads and necks. The 47-year-old moderated the final trill before the federal elections together with Linda Zervakis last year. That is why the GNTM models are placed in front of her in groups of three. Von Brauchitsch wants to know from various candidates who the most annoying competitor is. Noella’s name is always mentioned. Lieselotte reveals that she even thought of leaving because of the 25-year-old. The reason was Noella’s statement: “Lieselotte should be eliminated.” Noella, in turn, shoots back and accuses Jessica of not taking participation in GNTM seriously. She is not interested in a career as a model, but wants to become a Youtuber. Therefore, she would unfairly occupy a spot on the show.

The guest judges

The New York designer duo The Blonds dresses stars like Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Gwen Stefani. The GNTM candidates turn them into aliens who are supposed to show off their eccentric outfits in the California desert. There are several difficulties: dizzyingly high shoes that make the models fall in rows and give them bloody knees, a storm that throws up a lot of sand and dirt, and a huge disc that wraps around the candidates’ waists like a flying saucer is strapped. The presentation threatens to become a disaster, which is why Klum intervenes and orders that all participants have to go barefoot. This is certainly not how the designers imagined their outfits to be presented. “We did it. It was a challenge,” the fashion designers concluded.

who has to go

Jessica and Paulina weren’t convincing either during the video shoot or the final presentation. Both have to leave the show in episode eight. Paulina in particular makes the decision hard. “I can’t believe it. It’s like a bad dream. It wasn’t my goal to leave now. I actually wanted to be at least in the top ten. I also notice that my self-assessment is critical. Maybe I should become more humble,” said the 32-year-old.

Klum saying of the week

“My models fell one after the other like dominoes” (Heidi Klum when making the decision)


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