GNTM 2022, Episode 6: Makeover and these candidates have to go

GNTM 2022
Too long hair and a green bob: the makeover causes trouble

GNTM: Heidi Klum and candidate Luca during the makeover

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This is what candidates and viewers have been waiting for: the big makeover takes place on “Germany’s Next Top Model”. As always, there are radical changes, but also tears and disappointments.

  • GNTM 2022, episode 6
  • 21 candidates

What happened?

Heidi Klum’s announcement sounds worrying: “This year we are creating looks that have never been seen before with ‘Germany’s Next Top Model’. It will be radical, it will be unconventional and it will be colourful.” In fact, there are some surprises in the makeover this season. It starts with the fact that initially only eight of the 21 candidates have to sit on the hairdressing chair. The other 13 can move directly into the model villa after arriving in Los Angeles. Vanessa gets the most radical transformation. The 20-year-old has to say goodbye to her long brown hair and now wears a short bob – in bright green. “As soon as I’m home, I’ll go to a hairdresser,” she said. The others are mostly happy with their transformation: Luca now has a perm, blonde Sophie becomes a Megan Fox clone and Noella can’t get over the fact that her razor-short hair is purple.

excitement of the week

Jasmin is already as annoyed as one can be during the makeover. Heidi Klum wants to turn her into a German Naomi Campbell and gives her a wig with real hair that reaches to her bottom. A no-go for Jasmin. “It doesn’t look natural,” says the 23-year-old. In 16 years of GNTM, it has not happened that often that a candidate complains about hair that is too long after the makeover. Because she is dissatisfied, Jasmin goes to a stylist and asks her to cut her hair a few centimeters. When Heidi Klum gets wind of the decision, she is beside herself. “I was shocked. I deliberately had the wig lengthened and suddenly the hair is almost 30 centimeters shorter. Your wig cost 7,000 euros. That’s real hair. Do you know how long this person let this hair grow? that they are so long? I find that extremely disrespectful,” complains the 48-year-old. The fact that Jasmin claims that it was the stylist who came up with the idea of ​​cutting her hair, and not her, is an outright lie.

The guest judge

Sarina Nowak takes a seat at Klum’s side this time. The 28-year-old was a GNTM candidate herself in the fourth season and took sixth place at the time. Nowak has been living in Los Angeles for several years and works successfully as a curvy model. Among other things, she was hired for the magazine “Sports Illustrated” and promoted “Good American”, the clothing line by Khloé Kardashian. She gives the candidates tips on how to master the catwalk: this time it consists of an oversized powder compact, from which the models should step out as elegantly as possible.

who has to go

After the scandal about her hair, Jasmine stumbles on the catwalk and has to go home. “It wasn’t a good performance from start to finish,” says Klum, adding: “It has nothing to do with her hair, although, to put it in German, I think it sucks.” Barbara also has to say goodbye. The 68-year-old could not convince on the catwalk. “I think you’re so great, but the whole thing was strange, it’s not fashion, you thought you were doing yoga,” says Klum.

Klum saying of the week

“It smells like someone has shit. Someone farted in here. But I know what it is now. You’re the skunk.” (Heidi Klum to candidate Luca when she gets a perm)


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