GNTM 2022, episode 15: That happened and this candidate is out

GNTM 2022
“It’s like Beate Uhse”: The top seven dance in vinyl and leather

GNTM 2022: Lieselotte

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The GNTM candidates pose for the cover of the magazine “Harper’s Bazaar” and are to study a choreography for a song by singer Ava Max. She judges the dance performances as a guest judge.

  • GNTM 2022, episode 15
  • Seven candidates

What happened?

The photo shoot for the magazine “Harper’s Bazaar” takes place in the desert of California. The later GNTM winner will be featured in the June-July issue of the fashion magazine. Editor-in-Chief Kerstin Schneider came up with the following story for the staging: The models meet an extraterrestrial who has landed on earth and is meeting a human being for the first time. The candidates pose between desert dust and gnarled bushes in outrageously expensive designer fashion. Photographer Regan Cameron is smitten with the mother-daughter duo Martina and Lou-Anne. “Martina was great. She’s really strong,” enthuses the New Zealander. Things are not going so well for Vivien and Luca. “I think it’s going to be very difficult, Heidi,” says editor-in-chief Schneider about Vivien. And Luca has trouble keeping her eyes open in the bright sun.

excitement of the week?

In the model villa, the candidates are visited by dancer Tiffany Simone. The American works closely with singer Ava Max and is responsible for numerous choreographies for her stage shows and music videos. The models should rehearse one of these choreographies within a very short time. Too much for Vivien, although she is the GNTM participant with the most dance experience. “The teaching was hell for me. I thought I was going to die. I blacked out ten times. I really didn’t feel well,” says the 22-year-old. The only one who takes care of her is Lieselotte, while everyone else keeps training. “That’s when I realized that you have to separate friendship and competition here.”

The guest judge?

Singer Ava Max is involved in the decision and is supposed to judge how the candidates implement their choreography. For this, the top seven are dressed in skimpy vinyl and leather outfits in which they have to dance lasciviously. “It’s a bit like Beate Uhse,” says Lieselotte, who at 66 also takes part in the show. Ava Max names 20-year-old Luca as her favorite. “I loved it! I was wondering if you were in my music video.” Fun Fact: In one scene, the singer has to yawn heartily in her jury chair.

GNTM 2022: who has to go?

Vivien is eliminated and thus misses the entry into the semi-finals. The 22-year-old could not convince at the photo shoot. “You’re such a pretty girl, but I think you only have one facial expression and that wasn’t enough for the cover,” says editor-in-chief Kerstin Schneider. To fail so close to the goal is bitter for the Bavarian. “It was a real shock. But that’s the game. If the others were better, then I have to accept that. I’m still a little proud of myself for how far I’ve come,” says Vivien.

Klum saying of the week

“You look like Nicole Kidman sometimes. So like a young Nicole Kidman – not now.” (Heidi Klum at the photo shoot for Luca)


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