“Germany’s next top model”: smeared mascara and soul striptease

“Germany’s Next Topmodel”
Smeared mascara and soul striptease

Martina after her walk through the pouring rain.

© ProSieben/Sven Doornkaat

First the models have to prove their acting skills, then walk through the pouring rain and formulate their childhood dreams.

For Vivien (22), the 13th week of “Germany’s next top model” on ProSieben is off to a good start: she’s already getting her second job at Dyson Casting. Next up is a video shoot with Brigitte Nielsen (58). She shoots a scene in a prison with the women – they can decide for themselves what it is about and how the models relate to Nielsen’s character. Creativity is required.

In any case, emotions are a problem for very few. Lieselotte (66) is already crying in the mask because she has to think of her deceased sister: “I’m sure I have tears. I don’t have to make any effort.” When Heidi Klum (48) later found out the story behind Lieselotte’s performance, she even seemed uncomfortable: “With this story we made a little mistake. Of course we didn’t know that.”

“Where are my handkerchiefs?”

Noëlla (25) also has a private connection to the story. She thinks of her deceased reference person, who was also called Brigitte. The tears flow immediately, not only with Noëlla. “Where are my handkerchiefs,” says Heidi in the first minute while watching. When Vivien’s character also starts to cry “as if there were no tomorrow”, one wonders in front of the screen whether that actually speaks for a healthy psyche of the participants.

Sophie (19) wants to be particularly creative and hasn’t prepared a three-minute story but a whole script that confuses everyone involved – including Sophie herself. “I got so confused that I forgot what I wanted to say,” she explains after she messed up the first take. It’s similar with Juliana’s (25) story, which takes a little too many plot twists.

The Oscar goes to…

Lou-Anne (19) wins the “GNTM” Oscar. She even makes two versions, one drama and one comedy and convinces the director, Heidi and Nielsen with both stories. “The only thing missing was the popcorn,” Klum rejoiced afterwards.

The next day, the decision walk takes place once again under extreme emotional conditions. The models are asked to write letters about their childhood wishes and read them after the run through the pouring rain. Anita (21) describes how others laughed at her as a child and how she wishes to be a self-confident model as a grown woman. The black smokey eyes support the emotional impression. Heidi also remembers: “They always said pizza face to me because I had so many pimples.”

In her letter, Lou-Anne wishes for a father who would not have run away: “Because I often wonder if I’m the problem.” Juliana wishes for a lot of love in this world and that she can sometimes go into this box called the television. Noëlla talks about her difficult childhood in the Congo without a mother or father and the wish that followed: “When I grow up, I want to take care of my family.”

Sophie’s nightmare comes true

Would you like more emotions? There you go, the decision! In front of the jury, Sophie has to suffer minced meat and agony while her worst nightmare comes true: “Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo for you today.” Nobody wanted the title more than she did, but the news has been delayed. Sophie: “I should actually burst into tears emotionally right now, but somehow I’m so shocked and jaded.”

That changes after everyone’s decisions have been made and Sophie realizes that her last day at “GNTM” is coming to an end. As she cries bitterly, she is comforted by Juliana, who also didn’t make it to the next round. After all, both were in this box called TV for 13 episodes.


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