German national team: The damage is followed by the network mockery

German national team
The damage is followed by the net mockery

Pure frustration: Jamal Musiala as a symbol for his whole team.

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Lost game, missing “One Love” bandage and eleven men with their hands over their mouths: the network reactions to the bankruptcy of the national team.

The lost opening game of the German national team against Japan at the World Cup in Qatar offers plenty of room for attack shortly after the final whistle. So much that the befitting network malice cannot be pinned down to a single moment: the “One Love” bandage that cannot be found on the field, which somehow only made it onto women’s arms. The eleven men on the pitch who bravely covered their mouths before kick-off. Or would you prefer the sporting oath of disclosure that led to the 1:2 defeat? A cross section of Twitter.

The question of whether Manuel Neuer (36), as captain of the DFB-Elf, would wear the “One Love” bandage and accept a yellow card for it, was answered early on. Instead of Neuer, the respect of many users now goes to Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser (52), who sat down in the stands next to Fifa boss Gianni Infantino (52) with the said bandage. Twitter predicate: More middle fingers in the direction of the controversial Infantino is not possible: “So far, women have won this World Cup without exception”, another user agrees.

Instead of the captain’s armband, the national team had come up with another sign of protest: they all covered their mouths for the team photo – as a symbol that they were being silenced by Fifa? Some saw something else behind it: “11 courageous gentlemen are protesting here against the abolition of the mask requirement in public transport in Bavaria. Thanks for the sign!”, A Twitter user wrote about the photo in question.

In any case, satirist Oliver Kalkofe (57) did not go far enough in this protest, as he made absolutely clear: “With a small, clear sign and a thimble of courage against the unjust regime #FIFA, #DieMannschaft would have come home as #LooserWithEggs and #SiegerDerHerzen even in the preliminary round. Now unfortunately only as a loser.”

Clever coup

The gag writers of the “ZDF Today Show” on the other hand, believe that the bankruptcy was the real coup and “the next big gesture: the German team intentionally lost in the opening game to point out problems in Qatar.” Another post went a little further: “The German national team is consistent and shows that they want to leave #Qatar as soon as possible. The return trip is already scheduled for Thursday next week!”

The stroke of genius behind the initial defeat for future protest actions: “Fifa can’t deduct points from you if you don’t have any points. Clever.”

Despite all the sometimes highly questionable prophecies of doom, it must be stated that that the international pressfor example from England and Italy, recognized the “close your mouth” action by the German national team as a “strong” and “powerful gesture” against Fifa’s tutelage.


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