German-Lithuanian remembrance project “Up the hill” in the Fat Cat – Munich

From the Jewish camp on Knorrstrasse in Munich up to Fort IX in Kaunaus/Lithuania: Twelve young people from Munich took this journey under the artistic direction of Dorothee Janssen and Julian Monatzeder and researched the Nazi history of their cities together with 19 young people from Kaunas. In memory of the approximately 1,000 deported children, women and men from Munich who boarded the train on November 20, 1941 and were murdered in Kaunas a few days later.

The German-Lithuanian ensemble composed music from the memories of the people of both cities, developed choreographies and texts, and tracked down forgotten places and made them visible through performative interventions in the urban space. “Up the hill”, the final performance of the project “Always remember. Never forget: Munich – Kaunas”, which took place in cooperation with the NS Documentation Center, can now be seen at the Fat Cat.

Up the hill, Friday, November 3rd, 7:30 p.m., Fat Cat, Carl Orff Hall

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