Gérald Darmanin mobilizes the prefects on the expulsion of foreigners who have committed offenses

Gérald Darmanin, Minister of the Interior – Ludovic MARIN / AFP

Gérald Darmanin asked the prefects for a better follow-up of foreigners in an irregular situation who were responsible for “serious disturbances to public order”, in order to prioritize their expulsion, said his entourage.

The Minister of the Interior gathered the prefects on Friday and asked them to “bring up the names of foreigners guilty of serious disturbances to public order to be expelled as a priority over the next few weeks,” said his entourage.

A letter and a summons

Another request made to the prefects: send a letter and summon the people concerned by a “degradation” of a residence permit, which can for example go from ten to one years. As provided by law, “any foreigner whose presence in France constitutes a threat to public order” may have their residence permit withdrawn.

“It emerges from the elements of your file that you have freed yourself from respect for the laws and that, in doing so, you have derogated from the obligations which bind you to the Republic. (…) As a result, your residence permit has been withdrawn from you and (has been) replaced by a temporary residence permit, valid for one year ”, it is written in this letter. “Any other act of delinquency will lead to a new examination of your situation which could go so far as to force you to leave national soil. “

80,000 illegals per year

These requests from Gérald Darmanin to the prefects come after a meeting on Wednesday with Emmanuel Macron who called on several ministers to improve the efficiency of the expulsions of illegal aliens. The Head of State asked the ministers “to proactively activate the mechanisms in force” and to intensify negotiations with the countries of origin so that they accept the return of a greater number of their nationals. .

Out of approximately 120,000 asylum seekers per year, 20,000 obtain refugee status, 20,000 return and 80,000 remain illegally in the country. At the beginning of May, the Minister of the Interior had already indicated that he had asked the competent authorities to withdraw the refugee status of foreigners known for acts of radicalization or disturbances to public order. 147 withdrawals of protection had been decided in three months had indicated the minister in May.

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