Gérald Darmanin alerts on the state of the terrorist threat in France

“France is very threatened, all French people are,” Gerald Darmanin said on Wednesday. The Minister of the Interior, questioned on
RTL, wanted to alert on the level of terrorist threat which currently weighs on the country. “Today we are undoubtedly fairly protected against attacks of the November 13th type, that is to say organized from abroad, even if anything can happen. On the other hand, there are endogenous threats, with someone taking a knife, entering anywhere and committing an attack in the name of a religion. “

France has not been spared in recent months by this type of “small-scale” attacks. Gérald Darmanin recalled that the context of the trial of the November 13 attacks, which began a week ago and is to continue for nine months, may be conducive to new attacks. The minister therefore asked those responsible for territorial security “for a high level of vigilance” around sensitive places. The trial of the January 2015 attacks, around the same time last year, fueled several attacks, including the assassination of Samuel Paty.

36 Islamist attacks have reportedly been foiled by the police since 2017, including “a few” this year. In addition to religious terrorism, the Minister of the Interior warned on RTL about the risk of survivalist terrorism. They are “people who think that the end of the world is approaching and therefore, that it must be accelerated.” We have already foiled attacks by these people who were about to take action ”.

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