Gennaro Gattuso, after OM’s victory in Lorient: “I am very upset by the scenario of the meeting”

“Does this match validate OM’s recovery?
I am very happy with the victory, but I am very upset by the scenario of the meeting. We played like a great team in the first half, but the second made me relive Strasbourg (1-1, November 25). I’m very angry about the second half. It’s a question of mentality, of state of mind. I was already not happy with the goal we conceded at 3-0. I can talk about this because I lost a Champions League final with AC Milan after leading 3-0 at half-time (3-3, 2-3 on the tabs, in 2005 against Liverpool). I congratulated the boys on the victory but I am very angry.

Were you dreading this half-time relaxation?
I just came back because I told them at half-time to be careful, to continue. But there was a little selfishness, less effort, that’s where we sinned. If we want to give ourselves the means to get there, we must realize that a match does not only last 45 minutes because that has already happened to us. We can’t joke with the football gods, we have to stay serious.

You played in a 3-5-2 for the second time in a row. Do you feel like you’ve found some bearings?
It’s true that there were some good things in the first half but the second really left something to be desired. We worked on video, we reaped the benefits, and we initially had a much more compact team. But I’m sincere, I stick to the second half which is anchored in my mind, and I think we can do better. »

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