Garden trends 2022: These are the most beautiful garden books

German Garden Book Prize 2022
Inspiration for the garden: These are the most beautiful gardening books

In March 2022, the most beautiful garden books of the year were chosen

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For the 17th time, the German and European Garden Book Prize was awarded at Dennenlohe Castle in Franconia: in March 2022, a jury of experts chose the best books on garden art and landscape culture as well as garden blogs, podcasts and photographs.

Every year, the German Garden Book Prize and the European Garden Photo Award honor authors who “convey their green knowledge in a special way and point out that plants, animals, people, garden culture and landscape form an indivisible unit”. The literary works of art that won in the various categories in 2022 are listed below.

The most beautiful garden books 2022: these are the winners

Best beginner’s guide

The book “My City Orchard” (Gräfe und Unzer Verlag) by Elisabeth Mecklenburg was voted the best beginner’s guide. That was decided by a jury of readers of the magazine “Mein schöner Garten” from Burda Verlag. It was published in April 2021 and comprises 160 pages.

Best book on garden history

Stefan Leppert secured first place in the category “Best Book on Garden History” with his book “Gardens for the Desert” (Ulmer Verlag). It is about the German landscape architect Richard Bödeker, who succeeded in greening a desert metropolis in Saudi Arabia.

animals in the garden

There were three winners in this category: Bärbel Oftring’s book “what are you flying on” (Kosmos Verlag), second place went to Borgit van der Avoorts (Bohem Verlag) with her book “Insects and Co.” and third place went to Claudia Rösen’s book “Hedgehog seeks shelter” (Ulm publishing house).

Best illustrated book

Sebastian Kap’s photo book “The Dessau-Wörlitz Garden Realm” was chosen as the winner in this category. Followed closely by Ferdinand Graf Luckner, Petra Horn and Ulrich Timm, who presented their book “Wilman’s Park” (Callwey Verlag) took second place. Martin Stafflers, on the other hand, came third.gardens from above” (Ulm publishing house).

Best gardening book for kids

The “Best Garden Book for Children” was also chosen as part of the German Garden Book Prize 2022: The winner in the category was Bärbel Oftrings with her reading “What lives in the garden?” (Kosmos Verlag) and the runner-up Sanne Duft with her children’s book “Tomato days with Tinka” (Urchhaus Verlag). Third place went to Eliz Simon and Inka Vigh with their work “Green thumb – close to nature and sustainable” (Magellan Publishers).

Best Plant Portrait

His book “The Immigrants’ Blessing” (Gräfe und Unzer Verlag) secured Jürgen Feder first place in the category “Best Plant Portrait”. The jury awarded second place to Regine Ebert and her book “Comfrey” (AT Verlag) and third place to “The hazelnut” (DVG Weimar Verlag) by Brigitte Wachsmuth.

Best Gardening Cookbook

Judith Gmür-Stalder, Kathrin Fritz and Maurice K. Grüning were honored with their work “Dahlia chips and barberry rice” (AT Verlag) in the category “Best Garden Cookbook” was voted first place by the jury. Elisabeth Grindmayer and Stephanie Haßelbeck made it with “farmmade” (Hölker Verlag) in second place and Celia Nentwig with “Small and delicious” (Blooms Verlag) in third place.

Best European Garden Book

In the category “European Garden Book” Hervé Lenain and Barbara de Nicolay were awarded with their book “The Gardens of the Loire Castles” (Ulmer Verlag) chosen as the winner. Closely followed by Fried Nielsen’s “German-Polish Gardens” (second place) and Mark Lanes “Royal Gardens” (Prestel Verlag) in third place.

Best Book of Garden Prose or Poetry

Isabelle van Groeningen won in this category with her literary work “The seven seasons” (Insel Verlag). Sabine Platz was able to get second place with her book “Sabine place in the garden” (Heyne/Ariston/Ludwig Verlag). On the other hand, Antja Peters-Reimann took third place with her title “Tales from Flora’s Kingdom” (Hummelshain Verlag).

Best Advisor

With her book “Shaping wild meadows” (Ulmer Verlag) Katrin Lugerbauer and Joachim Hegmann were able to secure first place in the category “Best Guide”. Dr. Heidi Lorey made it to second place with their work “Vegetables in the flower bed” (Ulmer Verlag) and Ulrike Aufderheide in third place with their title “Small garden close to nature” (Pala Verlag).

Source: German Garden Book Prize

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