Garden trend 2022: How to set up a cozy outdoor lounge

Green oasis
When the garden becomes the living room: how to set up a cozy outdoor lounge

An outdoor lounge invites you to linger, in the sun during the day and by candlelight in the evening.

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In summer, young and old are drawn to the fresh air. Warm temperatures and long days invite you to linger outdoors. If you have a garden or balcony, you can make yourself comfortable outside — for example with your own lounge.

Having your own greenery on your doorstep is the big prize in summer. A private garden offers space and tranquility for everything else that happens inside. Outside we cook, relax and play. Young and old enjoy spending time outdoors during the warm summer months and savor every minute. Places to recharge are always convenient. A lounge in the fresh air invites you to linger, to spend time with friends and family on warm summer days and cozy summer nights. Here you can find inspiration on how to create an oasis on the terrace or balcony.

Seating to linger

The term lounge calls for comfortable seating that you just want to lie down in. It has to be comfortable. Garden furniture with expansive seat cushions is well suited. This Acacia wood bench you can convert it into a daybed, so you can enjoy relaxing naps during the day and find space for friends and family to sit in the evening. You can supplement the garden lounge with seat cushions and blankets, making it even more comfortable on cooler evenings.

Space for food and drink

Cool drinks and delicious grilled food are just as much a part of summer as airy clothing and pools for the garden. If you want to entertain guests or just the family outdoors, you need space to serve. A classic is suitable for this large garden table or for little things serving trolley. Models with built-in cooling are particularly suitable for drinks that guests want to put together themselves.

(Solar) lighting for the evenings

When the sun has gone down, the cozy outdoor area needs light to invite you to linger. There are several options that you can either leave alone or combine with each other. Natural light and atmospheric crackling offers a fire basket. Equally large lanterns, which conjure up beautiful plays of light in the garden. Artificial light sources such as fairy lights that you can stretch over the lounge or solar lightsthat charge themselves during the day also work well. Instead of fire baskets, table fireplaces that run on bioethanol are also suitable for balconies.

Privacy screen

The cozy lounge in the countryside invites you to relax, especially when it’s quiet. Prying eyes from neighbors can be easily avoided by investing in a privacy screen. The choice is large, you can like on fast-growing privacy plants bamboo set or tools such as screens and raised beds (in this stararticle you will find even more ideas for privacy protection options for balconies and terraces).

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