FWX Partners with Chainalysis to Strengthen and Reliability of Platform

Continuous development. Recently, FWX has partnered with Chainalysis, a startup company in Blockchain Forensics worth hundreds of billions. to enhance the strength and credibility of the platform

FWXA global blockchain and decentralized finance (DeFi) innovation startup developing a decentralized derivatives platform to buy crypto products under the name fwx.financewhich has a queue to be launched in the coming quarter 2, has announced a partnership withChainalysisCompanies worth more than a billion baht Threat detection and surveillance service provider Including protection against illegal money in transactions that occur on the blockchain. to enhance the security of the system which is a service provider for both the private business sector and cooperate with many government agencies around the world.

In this handshake FWX has chosen to use Chainalysis’ data products and services to increase credibility. Including more safety To help reduce the potential exposure to DeFi platforms from malicious activity, Chainalysis is an expert in monitoring and analyzing blockchain transactions that can provide insights into behavioral patterns from transactions that are likely to occur. may turn out to be a fraud and cybercrime With this work, users will be able to verify the reliability of the platform more.

Chanon Charasutthikul, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of FWX, said:

credibility And security is very important to DeFi, especially as a service to users. Users will feel a sense of security and confidence in FWX. I am delighted to have a giant company like Chainalysis as one of my partners to develop and promote. Platforms and the DeFi industry to be more sustainable.

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