Fraud with Apple Pay and online banking: warning of a new scam – Munich

Cases of fraud in online banking are increasing all over Germany: the perpetrators know sensitive information, they even know the amount at which internal bank alarm signals are triggered. The police warn of a new scam – and the banks?


Joachim Molter

It’s finally the end of the day, stressed out by work and you want to put your feet up – and then this: A call from the bank, an employee says he’s seen strange movements on the account and that you should block it as a precaution before major damage occurs. After the first shock, the phoned Sonja L. goes through the next steps with the supposed bank employee. She doesn’t have to reveal any data, she says later, because the man already knows everyone, including the current account balance. “Oh, and I can see in the documents that you used to live here and there….” Everything is true, it’s been ten years, but such knowledge creates trust.

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