Formula 1: Vettel for more environmental commitment: “Switch up gears”

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Vettel for more environmental commitment: “Shift gears”

Elementary school students explore the nature around the Nürburgring with ex-Formula 1 world champion Sebastian Vettel. photo

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Sebastian Vettel wants to infect other people with his commitment to nature conservation. Time is running out. “It’s about the planet, but first and foremost about ourselves,” warns Vettel.

The four-time Formula 1 world champion Sebastian Vettel (36) has called for an even greater commitment to environmental protection.

“We should all do a lot more. The time to do something is not today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, it was already yesterday. The important thing is that change starts in the head. You have to think about what you have in your own hands.” said Vettel to the German Press Agency.

“It’s not about slogans like radical or renunciation, but everyone can do a lot for themselves, even if it’s small. You have to start with it, that’s the crucial thing. This can then become more and more. That can be positive “To be contagious and inspiring to the next generation.”

“Of course I have a passion for motorsports”

Vettel ended his Formula 1 career at the end of last season. At the end of his career, the father of three children became increasingly committed to environmental protection and the issue of sustainability. “The old life is in me and of course the passion for motorsport is in me. The sport is important to me, it has shaped me throughout my life and has given me so much. But I think we have to move up the next gear or a few gears higher and try to make the whole thing more responsible,” emphasized Vettel.

“It’s about the planet, but above all it’s about ourselves, about our lives as we have grown to love them and about the freedom we enjoy. I grew up in such a free country and we should pass that on .”

“We as humanity don’t act so helpfully here and there”

Vettel increasingly sees the environment as something precious. “It’s simply a miracle that everything in nature meshes together and is so perfectly coordinated. If you were to draw a parallel to racing, you would have to say that this perfect setup really exists,” said the Hesse. “But we as humanity don’t act so helpfully here and there. We ourselves can do so much good, both large and small.”


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