Formula 1: Max Verstappen and the (im)possible records in 2024

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Max Verstappen and the (im)possible records in 2024

Wants to continue his success: Max Verstappen. photo

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He is the driver who outshone everything in 2023. If he continues like this, Max Verstappen will break more records.

Max Verstappen wants to continue his success. If he succeeds, the 26-year-old Dutchman will set further records in Formula 1 this year.

Max Verstappen can mathematically set these records this year:

Most wins in a season: The record is 19, set by Verstappen himself last year. There were 22 races, and 24 Grand Prix are planned this year.

Most wins in a row: The record is ten race wins in a row, which was also set by Verstappen last season. He had surpassed the record set by Sebastian Vettel, who won nine times in a row at Red Bull in 2013.

Most wins from the start of the season: However, Verstappen still has to work on his first races of the season. In his three years as world champion, he only won the opening round once. The record with the most wins from the start of the season is five races, held by Nigel Mansell (1992) and Michael Schumacher (2004).

He can take a big step forward in these rankings:

Most podium places: It won’t be enough to jump to the top. Lewis Hamilton is the lone leader with 197, followed by Michael Schumacher (155). Third place is mathematically possible for Verstappen. Sebastian Vettel holds that with 122. Verstappen himself is seventh and has made it onto the podium 98 times so far.

Most poles: Verstappen has been in first place on the grid 32 times so far. He is level with Nigel Mansell. Jim Clark and Alain Prost were on pole 33 times. Before that comes Sebastian Vettel with 57, Ayrton Senna with 65, Michael Schumacher with 68 and Lewis Hamilton with 104.

Max Verstappen cannot achieve these records this year:

Most world titles: He can win number four this year. He would thus catch up with Sebastian Vettel and Alain Prost. Only the two record champions Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton with seven titles each and Juan-Manuel Fangio with five World Cup triumphs would be ahead of him.

Most victories: Verstappen is already in third place with 54 victories – one more than Vettel achieved. Hamilton is at the top with 103 Grand Prix successes, ahead of Michael Schumacher with 91.


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