Formula 1 in Saudi Arabia: It continues to smoke at Red Bull – Sport

While Max Verstappen also dominates the second race of the year, the power struggle in the world champion team is raging: Verstappen’s intimate Helmut Marko is suspected of being the author of the Horner leak and still maintains his position – also thanks to the Dutch top driver.

As the race day came to an end, Max Verstappen sat in Jeddah between Sergio Perez and Charles Leclerc on the white couch reserved for the three fastest drivers and was perhaps a little surprised himself. The questioners were interested in his fast driving, his advice to motorsport talent, his stance on sportswashing allegations against the Gulf region and which corners of Saudi Arabia he would like to see. And how he was able to do a round of SimRacing, virtual racing on the Internet, in the morning, when there was a Grand Prix in Formula 1 that evening? But actually: only one journalist wanted to hear an update on all the drama in the Red Bull team at this press conference. There was a question, no follow-up. Even though the topic was bubbling up so violently again.

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