Forecast: April brings more capricious weather

April brings more capricious weather

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In the coming days, first the T-shirt and then the winter jacket will be needed. Even snowfall is possible.

April continues to do what it wants: the next few days will also be in Germany Capricious weather. According to a statement from the German Weather Service in Offenbach on Friday, the weekend will be mostly friendly, followed by cold weather and a lot of wind in the new week. Meteorologist Tobias Reinartz even announced “wintry elements”.

But initially the temperatures on Saturday are usually between 20 and 26 degrees, on the Upper Rhine even 28 degrees are possible. It will be very sunny in the south and southwest, but in the north there will be lots of clouds and a brisk wind. The middle of Germany receives a mix of both weather conditions: sometimes the sun dominates, sometimes the clouds predominate.

There are already signs of a change in the weather on Sunday. Although it remains summery in the south with highs between 23 and 28 degrees, otherwise the temperatures drop to 15 to 22 degrees. In addition, it is only sunny south of the Danube for long periods of time, otherwise changing clouds bring occasional rain. In the north and east the westerly wind is picking up with strong to stormy gusts.

The new week starts with clouds and rain, isolated thunderstorms are possible. The temperatures are still between 11 and 20 degrees, the coolest in the northwest and the warmest in the southeast. The wind is blowing clearly everywhere, strong to stormy gusts are possible, squalls can develop on the North Sea coast and in the higher mountains.

The future prospects are also modest. According to current forecasts, it will get even cooler from Tuesday. “In some places the temperature remains in the single digits,” said Reinartz. Snowfall is expected in the high altitudes of the low mountain ranges and in the Alps over the next week.


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