Football World Cup 2022: In the middle of the TV interview: Messi scandal after the end of the game Sports

Winning also needs to be learned!

Argentina is through the 4:3 iE against Holland in the semifinals of the World Cup in Qatar. But lost a lot of sympathy.

how did he do that? The whole world raves about Messi’s magic pass

Above all, superstar Lionel Messi (35) caused a lot of Zoff!

After his penalty goal to make it 2-0, he stood in front of the Holland bench with his hands behind his ears (73′). According to the motto: “I hear nothing”.

And even after the final whistle he has a few bars to say to the Dutch coaching team. TV recordings show him having wild discussions with Louis van Gaal and Edgar Davids.

After Argentina madness Messi reveals what he didn’t want…

Teammates try to calm him down. Doesn’t work! Messi is really angry. During the interview in the catacombs of the Lusail Stadium, a scandal erupts.

The Argentine sees Wout Weghorst (Besiktas, formerly Wolfsburg) passing behind the camera. Interrupts his answer and swears at the Dutch doubles scorer: “What are you looking at, you idiot?”.

In Argentina, the fans celebrate him for this saying. A fashion chain still prints T-shirts with “Qué mira, Bobo?” during the night. The rest of the world just shakes their heads.

In the interview, he explains his hand gesture after the penalty as follows: “Van Gaal says that the Dutch play great football. But all they did was overplay midfield with long balls and look for their big guys up front.” RUMMS!

Messi’s gesture after his 2-0 goal

Photo: Getty Images

Argentina’s players and coaching staff had repeatedly provoked attention during the regular season.

The negative highlight in the 89th minute: after a foul on Aké, Paredes hammered the ball in the direction of the Dutch substitute. Only hits an empty seat, but still causes a lot of excitement. In the ensuing tumult, Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni (44) also sees the yellow card. One of 17 (!) that evening.

But that’s not all.

Goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez cannot be silent about his two saved penalties. Said to have shouted “I fucked you twice” shortly after the penalty shoot-out in the direction of the opponent player.

In front of the camera, he then follows up against Bond coach van Gaal: “He said that Holland has an advantage in penalty shoot-outs. He should just shut up!”

Winning also needs to be learned. Next try: on Tuesday (8 p.m.) in the semifinals against Croatia.

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