FC Schalke 04: Geraerts’ dismissal hammer? decision made

Alarm mood in Gelsenkirchen! At FC Schalke 04 there is more fire than ever before. Just a week ago they were celebrating big points in the relegation battle. However, after the defeat against Kiel, the club is in danger of falling into complete chaos.

The club presents a good picture on a few levels. The team’s performance – underground. The transfers from FC Schalke 04 – no help so far. In addition, sports director Marc Wilmots raises questions with some statements (find out more here). But he has now made a clear position regarding his coach.

FC Schalke 04: Is Geraerts wobbling?

Karel Geraerts has been in office with the Knappen for four months now. Even at the beginning, his signing caused euphoria. After almost winning the championship in Belgium, the fans were hoping for a new, modern and, above all, strong Schalke.

+++ Helplessness at Royal Blue! Is Geraerts now taking drastic measures? +++

None of this actually happened. S04 shines here and there under Geraerts. But overall, the professional squad continues to disappoint. Instead of being in 16th place like in October, FC Schalke 04 is now in 14th place. Relegation to League 3 remains a specter. Which is why Geraerts is now coming into focus.

Wilmots takes the wind out of her sails

And so that a coaching discussion about the club doesn’t break out, Wilmots reacted immediately on Monday. “A change of coach is not an issue for me,” he says clearly. The most important thing now is continuity.

“Schalke has already had too many coaching changes,” he makes clear, alluding to numerous personnel flops. Thomas Reis, Frank Kramer, Dimitrios Grammozis, Christian Gross, Manuel Baum, David Wagner – this list could be continued for a few more years and with many more names.

FC Schalke 04: Geraerts is not the problem

He also makes it clear that the coach is not the problem at all. “I watch every training session. It’s not up to the coach where we currently stand in the table,” Wilmots quoted several media outlets as saying.

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In the end, it remains the same: If FC Schalke 04 doesn’t get an extra boost in performance quickly, Geraerts will also have to fear for his job – that’s just how the modern football business works.

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