FC Bayern Munich: Thomas Tuchel feels positive triple pressure

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“You can play for any title with this squad”: Tuchel feels positive triple pressure at Bayern Munich

The new head coach Thomas Tuchel speaks at a press conference after the change of coach at Bayern Munich.

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The “top man” starts. Thomas Tuchel should shape the era with FC Bayern that Julian Nagelsmann was not granted. The newcomer appears mature and convincing and knows that not everyone is happy.

Jordan Raza and Klaus Bergman

Thomas Tuchel chose an elegant outfit for his return to the big football stage. Wearing a dark blue jacket, Julian Nagelsmann’s successor sat between CEO Oliver Kahn and sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic when he was introduced as the new FC Bayern coach on Saturday. The spotlight was reflected on his sweaty forehead in the press room of the Allianz Arena – and possibly the respect for a Munich starting program that has it all.

The press conference on the day after Nagelsmann’s surprising exit from the German record champions could hardly have been more contrasting. First, the Munich management team declared Nagelsmann’s release with a distressed expression. Then Tuchel, with his clear ideas about his work as a successor, made for satisfied faces at his side.

“The club’s DNA is a commitment”

“The DNA of the club is an obligation. It is very clearly defined. It’s about winning, it’s also about the way of winning. The squad is put together accordingly. You can play for any title with this squad,” said the one with one Contract until the summer of 2025 equipped Tuchel. Kahn and Salihamidzic grinned contentedly at these words.

Six months after being kicked out of the London Premier League club Chelsea and five years after the first ties with Bayern, Tuchel began a delicate mission in his hometown of Munich. In the Bundesliga, DFB Cup and Champions League, he can make the first triple steps in crucial games – or lose his first title. “Of course that puts me under pressure. But if you sign with Bayern, it’s about playing for all the titles,” said Tuchel before the groundbreaking weeks.

Munich’s new hope seemed relaxed, honest and extremely realistic when he spoke about what was to come. “Not all players will be super happy. There is a big upheaval when a head coach leaves. Uncertainty can arise,” Tuchel openly addressed the existing situation and the associated risks. “But it’s still the case that we love the pressure, love the stress. That’s what my life is about.”

From Monday, the Swabian will prepare Munich for the classic game against Dortmund after the international break. The next test of strength is on April 4 in the cup quarter-finals against Freiburg, before a week later the quarter-finals first leg in the premier class at Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City. Explosive: In the 2021 Champions League final, Tuchel won with Chelsea against Guardiola’s Citizens. FC Bayern would like to see Tuchel’s next premier class coup this year.

FC Bayern Munich “needs such a top man now”

The 49-year-old’s glorious application certificate convinced the Bayern bosses. “An impressive CV,” confirmed CEO Kahn to the new coach. “We need a top man like that now,” said sporting director Salihamidzic. The sports director started negotiations with Tuchel on Tuesday. “I called Thomas. Then he says: What do you want? I say: If you don’t feel like it, then hang up,” Salihamidzic described the first contact with a laugh. Tuchel is in the mood – and how!

Unlike the comparatively quick contract talks, Tuchel had to wait a long time on Saturday before the doors to the large press room in the arena opened for him too. Kahn and Salihamidzic devoted almost 30 minutes to coming to terms with Nagelsmann’s time. “We have one of the best squads in Europe. And yet the team’s performance hasn’t really improved. We can’t be satisfied with the results in the second half of the season and the performances we’ve often shown,” Kahn explained the release.

Salihamidzic looked even deeper. “The constellation between the coach and the team was no longer right,” reported the 46-year-old. The sum of coach and team should have been two, last time it was more like 0.5. The performance curve was “constantly going down”, many players were no longer in top form. “You saw the image of all this on the pitch,” said Salihamidzic clearly.

After the lightning change of coach, nothing changes in Tuchel’s professional relationship with Nagelsmann. “I can understand that it feels very modest for Julian at the moment. But it’s not my responsibility. And that’s why I allow myself to accept the job positively and with full anticipation,” he said. The Bayern bosses grinned again.


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