FC Bayern beats Union 5-1 – and is on the right track with the new coach – Sport

Dominant, concentrated and terribly effective: Bayern retained their Champions League spirit with a 5-1 win at Union Berlin. And according to sports director Max Eberl, the players will soon know who will be training them starting in the summer.

The presence of 1. FC Union Berlin would give cause to frown, but they have retained a certain amount of loosely ironic tones. On Thursday, two days before the game against FC Bayern, the Real Madrid anthem boomed from the Köpenick dressing room – just as Union coach Nenad Bjelica was giving a TV interview outside the door. The song sounded like a small, cheerful greeting to the people of Munich: Spain’s record champions are FC Bayern’s semi-final opponents in the Champions League. But there was no more cheerfulness to be seen from the Köpenick team on Saturday. With a scandalous 5-1 win, Bayern plunged the increasingly desolate Union into very real fears of relegation.

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