Fast-paced: the European Improv Theater Championships in Munich – Munich

“Leave cucumbers behind!” How the teams at the Improv European Championships in Munich react quickly to a wide variety of situations and show: Improv players can do a lot, just not sit still for two minutes.

A three and a half minute musical about his own life? It’s not every day that you get a chance to do something, especially if you’re just sitting in the hall as a spectator. However, if improv theater is being played on stage, the viewer quickly knows that he, too, is an actor. Like Adrian, who raises his hand when the question comes from the stage about who has a rather boring job. He is an engineer and has to deal with corporate people. “Good, Adrian,” says Ilka Luz solemnly, “then this is your musical now!” She said it and puts on such a snappy and touching vocal performance with her two teammates that “My Fair Lady” seems almost bland in comparison. And with that, welcome to the European Improv Theater Championship!

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