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For her: Home baking to genius

There is one piece of clothing that has been feared for far too long: the vest. There is too much concern about looking like part of a couple on a tandem bike, like an aging hippie or like a passionate fisherwoman. The young influencers from Lisbon, London and New York are showing us that the vest panic is unfounded: They are confidently wearing their new favorite item in all possible variations, made of knits, boiled wool or Indian cotton quilt, i.e. quilted cotton with floral patterns . The look that is currently flooding Tiktok and Co., in combination with sweeping blouse collars and very long skirts, is far from the stealth wealth look, it is more like: homely and elegant.

(Photo: Uniqlo; Soeur/-)

This style from Parisian it-girls’ favorite label, Soeur, is just the right grown-up mix of body warmth and cool and brings all the waistcoat benefits: a vest is just the thing when the sun is actually shining but winter is still in the air air lies; and she transforms almost every outfit into something better. For example, you can bring wide shirts a little closer to your body and at the same time you don’t have to freeze; you can also wear the fluttery cotton dresses from summer in spring. Thick wool socks are expressly permitted, because it’s not about male gauze, but solely about the motto: I dress for myself.

For him: Easy, sometimes difficult

While the sporty down vest has become more of a tool for those best agers who already feel a certain cold in their chests, the light indoor vest is something that has always been in the minds of young men. In this phase of life, you occasionally think that a gilet like this would give your look a bit of esprit and cosmopolitanism or at least set you apart from the other shirt and sweater wearers. Well, fashion has recently increasingly taken this view and, like the Uniqlo brand here, is sending lots of vest models into the shoots and into the shop window.

Ladies & Gentlemen: undefinedLadies & Gentlemen: undefined
(Photo: Uniqlo/-)

No matter how good it looks in individual cases, you have to be very careful, because the line between cool and silly is hardly so fluid with any other piece of clothing. In the best case scenario, the vest and the entire outfit have something of a studio feel. Think of the great vest wearer Joseph Beuys, whose vests always looked as if they were half work clothes, half style choices. If it looks as if it was just quickly taken off the hook next to the door, as if it had been registered with casual aplomb for years, then it’s a good idea. Japanese writers, melancholic war reporters, silent billiards pros with dark secrets – that’s the entry path for a male vest look. Under no circumstances should it look like it does at country weddings, when the men take off their suit jackets and then sit around in waistcoats like pressed meat in a border. Of course, associations with improvisational theater and juggling workshops should also be avoided.

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