Factory farming in Bavaria: Scramble for the central control authority KBLV – Bavaria

If animal welfare controls on farms will soon be transferred to the Ministry of Agriculture, this will also affect the KBLV authority. The young facility was created specifically to monitor factory farming.

The Bavaria egg scandal was undoubtedly one of the worst food scandals in Bavaria. At its center was the Bayern Ei company, which kept hundreds of thousands of laying hens in painful confinement in its stables in Lower Bavaria. In the summer of 2014, there was a Europe-wide salmonella outbreak with hundreds of sick people and at least one death, which – as Bayerischer Rundfunk and SZ revealed almost a year later – was caused by contaminated eggs from these stables. There was great horror, especially since serious omissions in the official inspections of the stables emerged. The then Environment Minister Ulrike Scharf (CSU), now Minister of Social Affairs, found herself in serious trouble.

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