Ex-GZSZ star Jasmin Tawil: New love happiness in America – this is your new friend – people

In distant Central America she has now found love happiness!

Ex-GZSZ star and pop musician Jasmin Tawil (38, “Unbreakable”) has been living with her son Ocean (2) in Costa Rica, near Montezuma, since January. There HE conquered her heart: Miquele (38) from Venice.

Jasmin Tawil to BILD: “I am so happy. Miquele is such a romantic, respectful and caring person. The best that could have happened to me. God sent it to me. ”

A kiss on love! Jasmin is finally happy againPhoto: private

Miquele works as a chef and has lived in Costa Rica for almost three years.

Tawil: “He cooks ravioli with spinach and ricotta for me, he makes his own pasta. He also loves music, like me, and plays the guitar. We are now writing songs together. ”

How did the two get to know each other? Tawil: “His mother is my neighbor here, that’s how we ran into each other. Miquele has a little daughter, that’s how we started talking. Then it sparked. It just fits between us. “

Tawil only returned to Germany in April 2020 after around five years and lived in Brandenburg, near Berlin. But there it became too lonely for her during the time of the corona lockdown.

The last time you saw Jasmin Tawil, the ex-wife of pop star Adel Tawil (43) in 2020 in Germany on

Jasmin Tawil, the ex-wife of pop star Adel Tawil (43), was last seen in Germany in 2020 on “Promi Big Brother” on TVPhoto: dpa

Tawil first flew to Tulum (Mexico), then on to Costa Rica. She now wants to stay there longer and has bought a piece of land. The 38-year-old: “I want to build a house there.”

From November 10th she will be on the RTL show “Unbreakable” for which she was in front of the camera for three weeks in September.

Jasmin wants to build a new life with her boyfriend in beautiful Costa Rica

In distant Costa Rica, Jasmin wants to build a new life with her boyfriendPhoto: private

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