EU agreement: Airbnb and Booking must become more transparent – Economy

Large rental platforms such as Airbnb and Booking will have to share more data with authorities in the future. This will enable cities, among other things, to take better action against illegal offers on the platforms, as the European Parliament and the EU states announced.

Negotiators from the two institutions agreed on the new rules on Thursday night, which are to be applied after a transition period of two years. Parliament and EU states still have to officially approve the project, but this is considered a formality.

Landlords can make more money from short-term rentals than from long-term tenants. However, when many apartments are available for tourists, there is less housing for locals. According to the EU Parliament, Amsterdam, but also other European cities such as Berlin or Dublin, limit how long an apartment can be rented out to tourists. The new data should make it easier to monitor such requirements.

In a statement distributed before the end of the negotiations, Airbnb welcomed the project and spoke of a turning point for the entire industry. “The new rules can serve as a blueprint for regulating short-term rentals worldwide,” it said. They provided platforms and authorities with clear guidance on important issues – such as how they could share data and implement local regulations.

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