Enzo Lefort and Manon Brunet still in the race for a medal … Van der Poel’s sun in mountain biking …

Tutut is the seesaw! We would like to thank our colleagues from the other side of the world who made you experience this Games night in Tokyo, now it’s time for the day’s live from Paris. We will not lie to each other, between the dirty result of Vincent Luis, 13th in the triathlon, the sixth place in the men’s 4 * 100m relay in swimming and the elimination of Magda Wiet Henin (-76kg) from the 8th in taekwondo, c ‘ is not mega good party for the motherland today. But we still have chances of medals, especially in fencing with the upcoming quarter-finals of Lefort for the men and Brunet for the women. We will also encourage Martin Thomas and his canoe in the final of the slalom.

>> Rendezvous around 9am and wheelbarrows for the start of this live!

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