Environmental activists simultaneously block roads in Paris, Lyon and Toulouse

They decided to strike a blow, simultaneously in three major cities in France. This Friday morning, at rush hour, about thirty environmental activists from collective “Last renovation” blocked main roads in Paris, Lyon and Toulouse. These supporters of actions of civil disobedience, sat on the lanes of the ring road of the Pink City, the M7 in Lyon and the A6 motorway south of the capital.

Arteries which remained blocked between a quarter of an hour and half an hour before the intervention of the police who placed some of the members of the collective in custody, including a dozen in Toulouse “for obstructing the traffic,” said a police source.

A way for the collective to denounce the government’s inaction concerning the measures to be taken in terms of the climate emergency. “Despite the absolute urgency, the government betrayed its promise to apply “without filter” the measures of the Citizen’s Climate Convention, including that concerning the energy renovation of buildings in France. It is now up to us, ordinary citizens, to enforce the commitments to which our government refuses to comply, ”he says on his site.

Its members have therefore decided to enter into “civil resistance” and have multiplied actions in recent weeks, on the roads, but also in symbolic sites, such as when two activists climbed on the posts in the middle of a rugby match in Toulouse.

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