Emmanuel Macron gives a first overview of the axes of the French presidency

Emmanuel Macron began to spoil his own Thursday press conference on Europe. The Head of State indeed described Monday evening the three axes of the French presidency of the Council of the European Union, during a debate for the 25 years of the Jacques Delors Institute.

After quoting “the need for recovery in response to the crisis”, the president defended at length “the need to assume this Europe and to say it always ours”, stressing that “this feeling of belonging has withered away” in France as in other EU countries. “No one is unaware of the public debate in our country at the moment”, he continued in front of the members of the institute gathered at the Odéon-Théâtre de l’Europe in Paris, “when things get difficult, we say it is Europe’s fault ”.

The example of vaccination

As for the need for “power”, Emmanuel Macron called for consolidating “a Europe which will be able to make its own choices, military, technological, cultural, of values”. “We have provincial debates, where the real subjects are to know what we want to become in relation to the Chinese model, to the American model”. The vaccination of Europeans is the best example of the effectiveness of Europe, he further hammered.

“Be nationalists, you Hungarians, be Polish or French nationalists, you would not be vaccinated, or imperfectly. Maybe you would have had your Russian friends to give you the Sputnik (vaccine) which is still not approved by the WHO? Good luck ! », He quipped. “You are vaccinated with the best vaccines in the world only because you are European”.

Lexical field criticism

On the other hand, “Europe which comes to explain to people what should be the words to say or not to say is not a Europe to which I fully adhere, it is a bit of rubbish”, a- he said, and this “feeds a feeling of disintegration” of European cultures. An allusion to a draft of instructions for European officials recommending them to ban expressions such as “Christmas period” or “Ladies and Gentlemen” in favor of neutral terms. However, the Commission gave up after the start of a controversy.

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