Eieiei: Eggnog company Verpoorten is suing a small competitor – Panorama

Two eggnog manufacturers are arguing in court whether “Ei, Ei, Ei, Ei, Ei” infringes the trademark protection of “Eieiei”. High time to celebrate the dual “ei” on a few lines.

A scribble that revolves around egg and eggnog simply has to be introduced with the two letters “ei”. Is the inclined readership ready for all sorts of entertaining lines in unison? Then into onomatopoeia!

Breaking news has just snowed in from the eggnog industry, which is currently being divided by a dispute. It’s all about small details of self-congratulation. Egg liqueur manufacturer one finds it a brazen mess that egg liqueur manufacturer two advertises its liquid with the motto “egg, egg, egg, egg, egg”. That was ice-cold copying of their own triad “Eieiei”. The judiciary had to make a decision and now, to the chagrin of eggnog manufacturer one, was unreasonable. Because eggnog contains eggs, everyone is allowed to throw as many eggs around as they think is nice. A fine example of freedom of juxtaposition.

Without a doubt: The Ame Ise actually means ant

With so much bohei about the egg, it comes to mind that it’s time to finally pay enough attention to the dual. But that is by no means pure adulation, because the character combination e plus i does not make it easy for you. After starting school, the little ones usually initially suffer from the stringing together of these two sound units, and it takes a while before they realize that the Ame Ise is actually called an ant. This insightful event is undoubtedly one of the highlights of class one.

The assessment that one egg is like the other is peculiar, because to its chagrin, the egg is not alone. His gaze enviously wanders to the ai, which demands attention especially in May. Traveled into the German language melody (freely based on the Loreley by Heinrich Heine) are to despair the ei mean invaders like I, -igh or -ail, who also make him his unique position in dispute. Oh the dhow!

What is there left to write after this strange foray into solitude? Maybe simply: cool lines, unfortunately over.

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