Ecuador: Woman woke up in coffin – and dies a week later

Investigations against hospital
A week after “resurrection” at the wake: 76-year-old died in Ecuador

A family stands in a cemetery in Ecuador. A week after she knocked on her coffin at a wake, a 76-year-old died after all

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The Ecuadorian media celebrated the case as a “resurrection”: During a wake, a 76-year-old suddenly knocked on the coffin. A week later, the woman actually died.

A week after a woman woke up in her coffin at her wake in Ecuador, the 76-year-old has died after all. Bella Montoya died after seven days in the intensive care unit of a hospital in Babahoyo, around 200 kilometers southwest of the capital Quito, reports the British “Guardian”. The Ecuadorian Ministry of Health confirmed the 76-year-old’s death on Twitter. Accordingly, the woman was treated for a cerebral infarction in the last week and was “permanently” under observation. “I want the same thing to happen as a week ago, but it’s not going to happen. This time my mother died, my life will never be the same,” Montoya’s son, Gilberto Barbera Montoya, told El Universo newspaper.

The case of Montoya caused a stir around the world. The 76-year-old was first pronounced dead in early June after suffering cardiac arrest in a hospital following a stroke. A doctor at the Martín Icaza Hospital said she did not respond to attempts at resuscitation. A death certificate was even issued to him at the hospital, Gilberto Barbera Montoya told local media.

Ecuador: Woman knocked on the coffin at the wake

After the impoverished family received a coffin, the big surprise followed for the visitors of the wake in a local funeral home on June 9: After five hours, the mother hit the coffin with her fist, reported local media, which described the case as ” resurrection” celebrated. Subsequently, Montoya was taken to the hospital, where she was already pronounced dead. According to Gilberto Barbera Montoya, the family of the deceased has not yet received any information about what happened to the 76-year-old. His aunt has already filed a formal complaint to learn which doctor pronounced Bella Montoya’s wrongful death.

Following her actual death on Friday, Bella Montoya was taken back to the funeral home where she had briefly lain a week earlier. Her son told the AP news agency that she will now be buried in a public cemetery.

The government of Ecuador has also become involved in the case. The incident is to be investigated by a committee, the ministry said. It should also be clarified how death certificates are issued in the hospital. The ministry has not announced the status of the investigation after Montoya’s death.

Sources: Guardians, El Universe, Ecuadorian Ministry of Health on Twitter

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