DWD weather warning: Maps show where the storms are strongest today

Storms in Germany
Official weather warnings: These maps show where the strongest gusts of the day are expected

Severe weather: The map shows the fastest expected gusts of the day. You can find a current version below

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Storms in Germany: There are warnings about squalls in parts of the country. These maps show the weather situation.

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After some summery days, it is getting cooler and more comfortable again in many parts of Germany. The German Weather Service (DWD) writes in its warning report: “Over the course of the day, the cold front of a low moving from Scotland to southern Denmark will reach Germany from the west and initiate a period of unstable and cool weather.” Particularly in the northwest and west, and later also spreading to the south and the center, stormy gusts can be expected, with occasional squalls. Thunderstorms and precipitation can also be expected regionally. The maps below give an impression of the weather situation.

Weather map I: See live where there is a storm

The interactive map below shows where the strongest gusts are currently occurring. You can also view the forecast for a later date using the timeline at the bottom of the graphic. At the top right, the level displayed can also be changed to, for example, thunderstorms, rain or snow. A view with severe weather warnings is also possible. You can move the crop and zoom in or out as you wish.

The service is provided by Windy.com. The makers use the model from the “European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts” for their representations and forecasts.

Weather map II: The strongest gusts of the day

The map above shows where today the strongest gusts are expected. The view is updated regularly. Clicking on the map leads to the wetter.de portal, which, like stern, belongs to RTL Deutschland.

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