Drugs and alcohol: since when have people been looking for intoxication? – Knowledge

Coffee, cigarettes, alcohol: only a few people can do without intoxicants at all. When exactly did we start using drugs of any kind? A story about intoxication.


Carina Seeburg

People drink when they are sad, they drink when they are happy, they toast to say goodbye, and then drink again when they meet again. There is always an occasion for a glass of wine, a sociable beer or a nightcap – and there are only a few people who can do without intoxicants at all. Drugs are part of everyday life, and the offer is as diverse as the cultures of the world: Betel is chewed in Indonesian markets, coca leaves in the Andes, Kath elsewhere, and coffee, cigarettes and marijuana accompany Homo sapiens through the day around the world. He often comes to rest in the evening with sleeping pills. And when he wants to stay awake, he sometimes dances through the night to ecstasy, cocaine and LSD.


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