Dome show: New RTL “Bachelorette” loves men and women

Dome show
New RTL “Bachelorette” loves men and women

Stella Stegmann from Munich is the first openly bisexual “Bachelorette” on the RTL television show of the same name. photo

© Pascal Bünning/RTL/dpa

For the first time, both men and women are fighting for the coveted roses in the same season: Stella Stegmann from Munich is the first openly bisexual “Bachelorette” in the television show of the same name.

This has never happened before on RTLDome show: As “The Bachelorette,” an openly bisexual woman is handing out the roses for the first time in the new season. Accordingly, not only men are fighting for the heart of single Stella Stegmann from Munich, but also women. RTL announced this on Friday in Cologne.

According to the broadcaster, the Frankfurt native has been single for almost a year and is now ready to bring variety to the battle of the roses. As a bachelorette, the 26-year-old finally wants to fall in love again and find someone with whom she can share her life. “I think it’s time for the topic of bisexuality to be addressed, because it’s a very current topic and I’m happy that I can be a role model so that people just become a little more open and see that love doesn’t have norms knows,” said the “Playmate of the Year” for 2020.

“I am in love with the format and am positively excited,” says Stella Stegmann. “Because I like being the center of attention and I think that will be my thing,” says the content creator, who also models. In her own words, she definitely sees differences when it comes to dating both genders: “It’s something different to date a woman or a man. I bond with women in a different way. When I date men, I like that too Male. A woman, on the other hand, can also be very feminine.”

Stella’s hobbies are: pole dancing, skat, working as a Zumba trainer, traveling, playing the piano, photography, cooking and so-called latte art. Latte art is the name given to the creative design of the milk foam of espresso drinks with motifs such as leaves, flowers or hearts. She loves electronic dance music and all the “Harry Potter” films. When she has to describe love in three words: “Friendship, passion and support.”


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