DLRG saved the lives of 132 people in Bavaria – Bavaria

The emergency services of the German Life Saving Society (DLRG) saved 132 people from death in Bavaria last year. The DLRG announced this on Thursday. They were also called to provide more than 4,500 assistance services, including first aid measures such as wound care in the beach area.

The DLRG lifeguards completed more than 360,000 hours of water rescue service. And this year they will also ensure safety at many bathing lakes in Bavaria. “This year we can once again staff all rescue stations with qualified personnel,” said DLRG operations manager Sven Slovacek. They are well trained and work entirely on a voluntary basis in their free time.

According to international standards, if the red and yellow flag is raised at the rescue station, this means that the rescuers are ready for action. But accidents keep happening, especially at unguarded lakes and rivers. “If there are heat waves again this year, we will unfortunately have to expect numerous deaths from drowning, as has often been the case. The risk is many times higher, especially at unguarded places, than at bathing areas guarded by lifeguards,” said DLRG President Manuel Friedrich.

At the start of the bathing season in lakes, rivers and swimming pools, the German Lifesaving Association (DLRG) advised prudence and caution. Because the swimming pools were closed for months during the pandemic, many children are not yet able to swim. Small children should never be left unsupervised when swimming. The DLRG warned: “Under no circumstances should you be distracted by your cell phone!”

Further information applies to swimming in nature. After several warm days, the water surface is pleasantly warm. But deeper waters are still cold. This could lead to hypothermia and cramps. In addition, you should never jump into unknown waters. Rivers may look harmless, but on steep, overgrown banks it is often impossible to escape to land. “Currents and bridge piers are deadly risks.” The DLRG put the number of bathing deaths last year at 62. This means that eight fewer people drowned than in the previous year.

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