District of Bamberg: truck driver sits 38 hours at the wheel – Bavaria

The man the police officers checked on the A 70 is now threatened with a high fine. He had used several driver cards.

A truck driver controlled by police officers in the Bamberg district is said to have been behind the wheel for up to 38 hours. When driving in the past few weeks, the 40-year-old is said to have massively violated driving and rest times, as a police spokesman said on Thursday. The man used several driver cards for this purpose.

The officials had checked him on Wednesday near Stadelhofen on Autobahn 70 because he had previously passed illegally. According to the investigators, the man sat behind the wheel for around 20 hours several times, in at least one case even 38 hours. The driver is expected to face criminal proceedings for falsifying evidentiary data and misusing identity papers, it said. The fine could amount to more than 10,000 euros, according to an estimate by the police. The man admitted the allegations and had to pay a security deposit of 5,000 euros to remain at large.

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