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He doesn’t want to confirm it yet…

BVB-Boss Hans-Joachim Watzke (64), who is also DFB vice-president, speaks before the game between Borussia and PSG ( in the BILD live ticker) via the national coach search. According to BILD information the association agreed with Julian Nagelsmann.

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National coach search: “Committees have to meet first”

Amazon moderator Sebastian Hellmann therefore asks provocatively: “Who convinced Julian Nagelsmann that he would become the German coach?”

Watzke with a smile: “You’ll be surprised that I won’t say anything about the whole topic. We are playing the Champions League here. I’m so far out of the picture. From France you are not allowed to comment on domestic politics in Germany.”

Afterwards he says: “No decision has been made yet. I also know how things work at the DFB. Committees have to meet first. And they haven’t met yet. Therefore, no decision can be made yet. We don’t have to talk about the fact that I think Julian is a great coach. Bernd Neuendorf should speak as president in the entire matter or, alternatively, Rudi Völler. But not me.”

Hellmann asks again: “Yes, but you’re deputy.”

Watzke: “But the vice-president is the vice-president. “So it’s a matter where the president has to speak.”

Hellmann asks differently. “What are the chances that he will?”

But Watzke doesn’t let his cards be seen: “No, I’m not a mathematician, I don’t do probability calculations. Bernd Neuendorf said that there were discussions, and I can confirm that too. I also have respect for the DFB committees. We need a timely decision now. It wasn’t that long ago either. We would really like to travel to the USA in a good position.”

When Watzke lands back in Germany on Wednesday, he may be able to comment on the Nagelsmann case in more detail on German soil…

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