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Full support of the DFB bosses for Hansi Flick (58)!

The national coach has come under criticism for the poor results in the international matches against Ukraine (3:3) and Poland (0:1). After the clear flick confession by DFB director Rudi Völler (63) in BILD am Sonntag (“The right one for the task”), the task force has now also spoken about the coach.

Völler called the DFB bosses Hans-Joachim Watzke (63) and Bernd Neuendorf (61) because of Flick!

The BVB managing director and DFL supervisory board chairman is considered the most powerful decision-maker in German football and, as DFB vice-president, is also responsible for the national team. Völler: “Of course I’m not the only one who decides that. I spoke to Bernd Neuendorf and also had a long phone call to Aki Watzke, who is currently on his well-deserved vacation but of course saw the game. I’ve kept him posted. We’re all disappointed that we didn’t win. But we all agree that Hansi Flick is the right person to play a good EM.” Völler also ruled out a voluntary Flick resignation.

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Instead, before the test on Tuesday (8.45 p.m.) against Colombia, Völler made a passionate plea for Flick, defending his frequent player changes and tactical experiments: “I remember my first phone call with Hansi: He had won all the games at the beginning and Then something very important happened: There was no “keep it up” but he questioned himself: What can I do, what can I do better so that we play a good European Championship? That’s a really great gift that a coach has. Hansi is an absolute top trainer!”

The players also see it as their duty to finally win for Hansi too. Robin Gosens (28): “We work really hard to knock the goat over. We all hate to lose, so the vibes aren’t good. For us it is essential that we beat Colombia to end the season on a happy note.”

When asked by BILD, Gosens vehemently denied that some players could be down to a lack of attitude, as ARD expert Bastian Schweinsteiger had criticized: “I make up for my lack of talent with mentality and passion, that has always been my style of play. But I think there are different types of players. Of course you can and must ask everyone to give up their lives on the pitch. Because of posture or other attributes, it might sometimes seem like someone isn’t bringing the mentality to the pitch. If Schweinsteiger calls for mentality, then he’s welcome to do it. But I can assure him that everyone here in the squad is passionate about being on the pitch and also passionate about tearing themselves up for Germany. I know the mentality and the passion is absolutely there.”

But one thing is also clear: Flick can only really calm the tense atmosphere around the DFB team with a win against Colombia.

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