Desired NATO membership: Sweden tightens anti-terror law

Status: 02/02/2023 2:57 p.m

A change in the law is intended to simplify the fight against terrorism in Sweden. Recently, the danger has increased that his country could become the target of attacks, said Minister of Justice Strommer.

A stricter anti-terror law should make it easier for the authorities in Schwerden to take action against people who support organizations classified as terrorist. This was announced by Justice Minister Gunnar Strommer. “We are talking about a very far-reaching criminalization.”

Until now, suspects could only be prosecuted if their actions could be linked to a specific terrorist incident. The new law, which is set to take effect in June, would cover all types of participation, Strommer said.

increased risk of attacks

The need for stricter laws was made clear by an attack in 2017, said the Swedish justice minister. At that time, five people died. Recently, the danger has increased that Sweden could become the target of further attacks. This was shown, among other things, by the burning of the Koran by a right-wing extremist politician in Stockholm in January.

Turkey still refuses to join NATO

The law change comes amid Sweden’s negotiations with Turkey over the Nordic country’s bid to join NATO. All NATO members must agree to the admission of a new country. However, Turkey continues to refuse with Sweden and Finland.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government argues that Sweden is not doing enough in the fight against terrorism. Turkey demands that the two Nordic countries no longer tolerate people who Ankara considers terrorists in the country, but rather extradite them. Turkey refers to members of the banned Kurdish Workers’ Party PKK.

According to its own statements, Turkey is now more positive about Finland joining NATO. So far this has not been the case in Sweden.

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