Debate on climate protection: Merz accuses the coalition of paternalism

Status: 03/26/2023 7:14 p.m

CDU leader Merz has accused the traffic light coalition of relying too heavily on bans on climate protection and of patronizing the population. In the Report from Berlin he explained to ARD that the problem could not be solved with electrification alone.

The CDU chairman Friedrich Merz sees climate change as a “topic beyond war and peace”. Climate protection is the most important issue facing humanity, said Merz in “Report from Berlin“. He criticized the traffic light coalition and explained that climate protection could not be implemented through regulations, paternalism and bans.

The problem cannot be solved via electrification – as the “electricity coalition” is planning – Merz continued. You don’t have the power for it. The strict ban on pellet heating was a big mistake. He believes that the ban on oil and gas heating planned for 2024 will trigger a short-term boom, so that it will be a long time before there really is no more oil and gas heating.

How could the climate targets be achieved by 2030? Friedrich Merz, CDU party leader and Union parliamentary group leader

Report from Berlin, March 26, 2023

The CDU leader mentioned hydrogen technology as an alternative. However, he emphasized that in the heat transition in the private sector one must remain open to several technologies and not just commit to one. According to the Union’s plans, low-income households should be given financial support for climate protection. The rest should be regulated via the CO2 price, so that it is no longer worth using oil and gas, according to Merz.

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